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Here at Vanguard Preparatory Academy, our students are always at the heart of what we do. That’s why our online learning program is easily adapted and customized to meet every student’s needs, no matter where they are located. With a passionate team of certified teachers and staff, every course comes with full support through phone, email, and live video sessions.

Traditional Program

This option mimics the schedule that families have been accustomed to in other public or private brick-and-mortar settings.  Teachers provide instruction for students synchronously* for the entire school day and breaks are built into the daily schedule as students transition to their other classes.  Students are able to enroll in up to 7 courses in this plan.  Students can be enrolled in additional courses for an additional fee. 

Flex Program

This option provides students with the ability to work at their own pace asynchronously**. The typical student in this plan is one who works very well independently while seeking instructor support when needed.  Students are also able to enroll in up to 7 courses in this plan.  Students can be enrolled in additional courses for an additional fee.

Part-Time Program

This option also provides students with the ability to work at their own pace asynchronously**. The typical student in this plan is one who works very well independently while seeking instructor support when needed.  Students are able to enroll in up to 3 courses per academic school year (excluding summer).

*Synchronous Learning:  Synchronous learning refers to all types of learning in which learner(s) and instructor(s) are in the same place, at the same time, in order for learning to take place. This includes live online meetings when the whole class or smaller groups get together. In synchronous learning, students usually go through the learning path together, accompanied by their instructor who is able to provide support while students are completing tasks and activities.

**Asynchronous Learning:  Asynchronous learning is a student-centered teaching method widely used in online learning. Its basic premise is that learning can occur in different times and spaces particular to each learner, as opposed to synchronous learning at the same time and place with groups of learners and their instructor, or one learner and their instructor. In asynchronous learning, instructors usually set up a learning path, which students engage with at their own pace.



When creating an environment that encompasses student-centered remote learning, the staff at Vanguard Preparatory Academy strive to incorporate three interactions for students:

-Student-content interaction, where instructors provide active learning experiences for students (meaningful learning activity plus reflection)

-Student-student interaction, where instructors structure the learning community and make it clear to students how they should interact with others in the class

-Student-instructor interaction, where instructors create a framework for how they will interact with students during the learning experience

By placing an emphasis on the student-centered approach, educators must constantly evaluate their own classroom and teachings to ask themselves the following questions to create an optimal learning environment for students:

1. How will my students interact with the course content? Beyond reading, listening to/viewing lectures, what will students actually DO with the course content? And how can they do so in their homes?

2. How will my students interact with other students? Beyond completing assignments and assessments independently, how will students work together to ensure that they feel like they are part of a learning community and have the opportunity to collaborate, think critically, be intellectually challenged, and make meaning with others? And how can students work with others while they are isolated in their homes?

How will my students interact with me, their instructor? Now that you are not in the classroom with your students, how will students be able to interact with you?

3. How might you guide student learning while also being flexible and trying to accommodate different student needs? What assignment expectations do you need to convey? What information do you need to clarify for students?



Basic Technology Requirements

-Standard laptop or desktop computers with Windows or Mac OS are supported. Chromebooks and iPads are also supported. Smartphones and other mobile devices are also supported but not recommended for live instructor classes.

  • Up-to-date versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers are supported.

  • High-speed internet connection (Cable, DSL)

  • Satellite internet service and cellular wifi hotspots may be subject to speed and reliability issues and could result in unsatisfactory performance.

  • World Language courses require speakers and a microphone, or a headset with a microphone.

  • A printer and scanner are recommended but not required.

  • Some courses may require additional software described in the course introduction.

Need Technical Support?

Vanguard Preparatory Academy provides technical support for students and parents via toll-free phone service and email. Technical support staff are available by phone during regular business hours (8 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday-Friday). If you may require technical support after business hours and on weekends, you may leave a message and a technical support representative will respond to you the next business day.

There are two ways that you are able to contact tech support:

  1. Contact the technical support team by calling 855-765-4872 ext. 805

  2. Contact the technical support team via email:

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Up to two weeks prior to each semester enrollment, students will receive access to our online orientation course.  During the onboarding process, students and their families will receive all of the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully transition to online learning.  

Students and families will learn additional information about the following during the orientation:

-The mission and vision of the school

-Student expectations while enrolled at Vanguard Preparatory Academy

-How to navigate through their courses and understand the grade book

-Time management tips and additional ways to maximize their learning

-Additional ways to collaborate with students within the school community

All students will be required to complete the orientation when enrolling in Vanguard Preparatory Academy.  For any additional information or to begin the enrollment process, please call 855-765-4872 ext. 803 or enroll now.

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