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The program at Vanguard Preparatory Academy is designed for both students and families that desire a structured online school with a traditional schedule and those who want to have the flexibility of working ahead while still receiving instructional support.  We offer a “Traditional” and a “Flex” option to best meet the needs of students based on their preferred schedule.  By providing families with these options, students will have the ability to pursue other interests outside of school or enroll in additional courses to expand their knowledge in various career-related fields.

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Students enroll in Vanguard Preparatory Academy for various reasons based on their individual learning needs or their unique interests.  Our program is equipped to accommodate any of the following students:

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If your student is an aspiring athlete, take advantage of our program by allowing them to perfect their athletic skills while maintaining the flexibility of enrolling in a program that offers NCAA-approved courses.  Let our school counselors guide your student toward success by meeting the NCAA Academic Eligibility requirements to excel at the next level.

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Prepare students for their future, and put them on a path towards high-demand, high-wage careers. This program offers sequenced learning tracks aligned to national standards and the doorstep of industry-recognized certifications.  Our program has the largest selection of CTE and elective classes offered in an online program.  Allow your student to explore our extensive course library and become exposed to over a dozen career clusters before exiting high school.

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Students who graduate from Vanguard Preparatory Academy will be able to compete with other students who apply to colleges/universities around the globe.  We offer honors level and Advanced Placement (AP) courses to assist students in building a strong academic transcript for college.  Whether your goal is to attend a four-year college, two-year college, or technical college; our program can meet your needs.


Whether you are an artist, musician, or performer; our online program can adapt to your needs.  Continue to pursue your dreams and ambitions during the day while auditioning or receiving advanced training and complete your work asynchronously without being penalized.

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We believe that students should not be restricted in their academic progression when they have mastered the material at their grade level.  Students will have the opportunity to work ahead and increase the number of lessons completed per week to learn at their pace. Goal setting is very important and independent learners can benefit and be awarded by advancing in their studies.


Allow us to partner with you to provide your student with instructional support while they complete their homeschool program.  Real-life experiences are just as rewarding as academic gains.  We can work together to supplement any academic areas that parents may need assistance in teaching their child(ren).

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