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Vanguard Preparatory Academy Locations

Vanguard Preparatory Academy creates a positive, supportive, and attractively designed environment where students can focus on learning.  Our campuses are:

  • Small and open by design--the warm, secure educational setting keeps students and staff connected

  • Staffed with certified teachers and success coaches dedicated to providing students the best academic and emotional support through manageable class sizes and individualized attention

  • Blended learning academies where students work at their own pace while being provided with continuous support

This proven learning model will help Vanguard Preparatory Academy emerge as a leader in blended learning.  Our contemporary approach and environment support students in ways that typical schools cannot compare.  

At Vanguard Preparatory Academy, students get the benefit of an online school: a wide variety of courses, the flexibility of studying anywhere at any time, and the ability to work at a pace that optimizes their learning.  In addition, they will receive an exclusive on-site learning community that allows them to collaborate with other students while working closely with their teachers, counselors, and success coaches.

Locations: Academics
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Vanguard Preparatory Academy- Woodland Hills


Vanguard Preparatory Academy- Jacksonville
Vanguard Preparatory Academy- Tampa

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Locations: Admissions
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